A bit dark …but written about 4 years ago when everything was dark (hah! how’s that for deep and philosphical?)

In ‘once upon a times’ I fear it’s lies we’re being told
‘happily ever after’ into your arms so harsh and cold
whispering your ‘fairy tales’ my ears how they despise
the way I`m twisted round your finger
the way I`m crippled by your lies
the bedroom beckons you inside
as you come in
I lay there cold, an icy wind
once so safe and warm
my hands reach up to touch your face
to pull off your disguise
but I feel your strength in every move
and I am compromised
lying with you after
I see the weakness in your eyes
I see all the hurt you’ve felt before
not the man I despisenot the one who hurt me
nor the one who’s made me cry
but the man in my fairy tale
the one who will survive.

J. Dennis, August 2002

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