Why is it that when you’re single and not seeing anybody note-worthy (even casually), nobody seems to notice AT ALL. In fact, in this instance men fall into not two, but three extremes –

1) being total arseholes to you without provocation (I can’t help it that YOU don’t know what you want and that YOU have issues),

2) being totally oblivious (They won’t notice you’re there if you lit a cracker under their arse) or

3) bascially treating you like one of the dudes. Suddenly you have a relatively normal and sane person of the opposite sex displaying some kind of interest in you and “individuals” from the afore-mentioned categories are all over you.

HUH? Does it give you a cheap thrill to play mind games with me? Does it makes you feel better when I am more of a challenge? I am SO sick of men and their bloody drama’s. Damn. Enough already. If you were into me, why didn’t you show it while you had the chance….

Do I LOOK blind or stupid. And now I feel better, having vented just a little bit.

Small things…

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