Small Things

Sometimes you have really strange ” I’m-not-feeling-happy” days. Today is one of those days (in fact, it’s turning out to be one of those weeks…).

However, it’s strange how the small things make a big difference to how you feel….holding hands with your best friend in the corridor… she doesn’t know it but she made a huge difference to how I felt when I walked in this morning.

A virtual hug from another friend (thanks buddy, I really need it. made me smile…)

Coffee with a colleague and she pays. And treats you to a huge piece of carrot cakeA smile from the hottie (I really must find out what’s his name)

A compliment on my hairstyle…
So all in all I really don’t have to feel that sorry for myself. Life doesn’t REALLY suck.The sun will shine tomorrow and always look on the bright side of life….and all that crap.

Pity parties is just SO much fun, though…

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