Ok…the sun is shining in my office and my waterfall is pith-pithing away outside my window…I’m feeling extremely lazy and very restless. So restless that I’m looking at property. Some people take a walk…I look for a new house.

Oh well…I’m looking forward to having some crazy fun in the days to come. It’s been a while since Jean has been “Jean” and I’m feeling like I’m on form again. No longer the social recluse of last year, or the sad singleton of earlier this year, I am inspired to go forth and party, meet people and be a total menace to my friends. Why? Because it’s about bloody time.

However, all this fun to be had is at a price…the old adage ” With friends like these, who needs enemies?” apply in this situation. I have the smartest, most supportive circle of friends around – who just happen to go a bit cuckoo whenever someone new is introduced to the social circle. Even if the “fun to be had” is male, 22 and very French *grin*…Bless you guys, I love you madly, deeply and passionately but I didn`t see anybody trying to be my wingman.

So, when I finally start having fun, I would appreciate it if you weren`t such party poopers. Nuff said… Anyway, I`m off to do some mindless consumer therapy.

On a final note: Build a man a fire and he`ll be warm for the day, set a man on fire and he`ll be warm for the rest of his life

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