Conversations that are not Space Dimensional

Two people in a stairwell. They`re standing in opposite corners. She`s leaning against the railing with her arms folded; he`s leaning against the wall, with his hands in his pockets.


Hey you too…

This is a strange place to meet

Or we could stand in the middle of the Atrium where everyone could see us

You`ve got a point. This is the perfect place to meet

Mmm…you need to explain this big need for discretion one day

One day. Not today. Today`s not good

Still stressed?

I am not stressed

Right. Well, you look very cute when you`re not stressed

*he stops for a second. seems to be pondering something. continues*

Here`s a thought, Ms. Dennis…get through the rest of the afternoon, submit your assignment and get yourself over to my place

What`s at your place?

Well…Me, for one.


Talk about incentive

(WOW…getting Thai Green Curry with Prawns for supper. made.from.scratch. I’m not impressed. yet)

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